No Animals Should Suffer From Abuse

Written by Patty Hunter 

No animals should suffer from abuse.
They need food, shelter and love.
Why are humans neglecting them,
By hurting or killing them?

Why are humans abusing the wildlife 
And, then, including their own race?
There is no compassion on the Earth of ours.
Where is the love that was once in our hearts?

cute pigs embrace

This is indeed a fallen world, since the fall of man.
And all life is suffering and dying because of this.
Not only do the animals suffer
Humans also do evil to each other.

Let there be love again on this planet
And start caring for all life,
This including us fellowmen.
We were meant to be the caretakers of all here on Earth,
Not to destroy and endanger every species from birth.

wolves embrace

May God help us all, in this physical plane
And bring back joy to us again.
Peace be with all Earthlings who listen,
To the crying of all life from within.

Earth was meant to be alive
Not make all life take a nosedive.

turtle and girl

Poem copyrighted, Patty Hunter © January 5, 2015