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Here you will find some Fresh-Eye works. This will be the home of M.J. Jackson and other writers that Fresh-Eye supports. M.J. has been writing for most of his life and we are sure you will enjoy his works. Keep checking back here for new material, and thank you for your support.

M.J. Jackson
M.J. Jackson
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On a hot and sweaty day Joe gets lost on the way to grandpa's house, and finds himself being chased through the jungle by a monkey and a lion, and then by a big bad wolf on the prowl. A witch flying high on a broom, and much more as he discovers friendship and strength where he never thought it would be. My Adventurous Day is a bed time story kids will want to hear over again, because it incites their imagination before their ready to dream. (From the Author): It may seem as if this was an easy story to write, but I assure you it was not. And still, like any work I have done and will do could always be improved here and there, but I will never dwell on that, but learn and grow as a storyteller from the things I miss within each story told. I would like to dedicate this to the future adventurous minds of our world. Thanks and stay safe.

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M.J. Jackson

From the first poem to the first pair of shorts we will visit a future where man fights for his last stand in the previously published Man’s Final Goodbye. A past where a boy in the old west becomes his own man as he is hunted by the father who raised him, and of an old town legend of the green-eyed man with a machete sewn on as his right hand who lives in the swamp and always on the prowl. We will take a trip to the country in the highly anticipated intense Mama’s Love where a boy finds the strength within himself to stand up to his own alcoholic and abusive mama in hopes she will find a way to help herself. (From the Author): These poems and shorts had been years in the making. Years of revising, making sure every word flows with the next to come up with the kind of simple told stories and poems that I enjoy reading. As each word placed itself where it seemed to fit over the years, I found tears over the tragedies and lost love that was unfolding before my eyes, I found laughter and surprises as the characters controlled the outcome with the pen in my hand. I look back on the final project and feel pleased, because there is no other outcome that could have been better then what is.

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M.J. Jackson

  Patty's Book of Poetry  

NOW Available, with honor, the first winner of our beloved writing contest Patty Hunter with her first book of Poetry and our third Fresh-Eye book title. We can't wait for you to enjoy. Click here to purchase.
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Doris Moyers-H
Children's books in German and English by Doris Moyers-H: Bilingual reading material for young readers.
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