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Below you will find our Fresh-Eye tributes. It is our mix list of music that has inspired and in some way helped us grow into who we are today and the reason we do what we do. We do not have any personal or business relationship with any of the musicians below. These tributes are from our youth to today and for the memories they bring of the different ages of our life once we heard them for the first time. Some artists will be duplicated more then once, but that's okay, because it is the message within each song. None of these songs are downloadable, for we do not wish to make money from any of them, but, only to share the music that has inspired us. Please stop by from time to time to see what's new, for there is always additions for the music never ends.We hope you enjoy!

Please click on a group below:

Group One:
Save the Weak by Britny Fox
Civil War by Guns N' Roses
Stand by Poison

Group Two:
The Price by Twisted Sister
The Star Spangled Banner by Kiss
Someday I'll be Saturday Night by Bon Jovi