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Stay safe and please live, love, learn, and teach.

In 2012 we began a social experiment within one little neighborhood that we had hoped would bring neighbors out on their own accord to want to contribute in any possible way, however, things did not go as hoped, as they gave off the impression that our attempt (the strangers) was all our own doing so, therefore, we have decided to call an end to what some have already called a failure, and to others whom wished sincere luck since the beginning. It was never about us or any popularity game. It was always about you and your actions, not just by kind words of encouragement. For it takes the people to build a community of active neighbors for one another to enjoy! We wish them the best, and they know who they are. Please go out and live, love, learn, and teach.

Here you will find two videos written by our own Patty Hunter, and sung by Peter Straube. No Work for the Masses was filmed in our native city of Ft. Wayne, IN. And Occupying the World was filmed in New York on Wall Street. We hope you enjoy our preference to today's rock sound with a message that we feel needs to be heard around the world (please click on a song below).

No Work for the Masses

Occupying the World

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Fresh-Eye Presents: "Justice Mahathy"
comments: First and foremost we would like to thank Justice's mom for seeing the talent her daughter holds. Fresh-Eye thanks you and your guests for showing your support in a young minds talent. She's got a good voice and stage appeal, but needs direction and more confidence. She has got what it takes, and all we can say is embrace it, pay the dues, practice, study the craft, give tribute to other styles and cultures, and never worry about failure, for it's always at your door. And please always live, love, learn, and teach. Thank you for the honor of hearing your young untamed voice, as the world watches you grow into a singing rose. FRESH-EYE PROMOTIONS

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To bad about letting the park go. I was rooting for you, but I understand. Good luck on future endeavorers.

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