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Welcome to Fresh-Eye Promotions. An Indiana-based media outlet center where, through networking, we actively seek out who (and what) we can that promotes positive thinking in all they do within their talent, skills, ideas, or opinions. We are a place where the voices within us all can communicate and spread good will to show the world our might in goodness and our right to live free. If you are holding anger within yourself for any reason, please feel free to let it out here, because you will find that you're not alone, If you are a happy-go-lucky person, spread your cheer here, because we are a society desperately in need of people like yourself.

Our intention is not to persuade anyone regarding any set religion, lifestyle, or way of thinking, except that everyone of us must live, love, learn, and teach with understanding and without bias to survive as a species. Our concern is for the free will and voice of all individuals. We believe first and foremost that we humans are the most dominate on the face of the earth, and that it is up to us to protect all species alive. This sight is for you who believe in creationism and Darwinism (Evolution). This is still a place for you, for we are not here as self-proclaimed preachers or prophets; but only sons, daughters, moms, dads, neighbors and friends. So please feel free to express yourself in whatever way you see fit. But please no filth! Keep things civilized; if that's all you have take it elsewhere, because that's a waste of our viewers' time. We promote a society of understanding and expression. Please feel free to review us more, and hopefully you give us the opportunity to promote your voice, and we'll see where it goes.

"Please live, love, learn, and teach." Fresh-Eye Promotions

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